Terry Boot (got_smarts) wrote,
Terry Boot

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Dreary and Drained

One can't imagine how relieved I will be for this week to end. *sniffs* No match, no lessons, no getting out of bed. . .. My head is so stuffed I can hardly hear and I've been up all night coughing up my lungs . . . unsuccessfully. I hope my curtains kept out some of the noise, but I'm sure Anthony isn't my biggest fan these days.

My talk with Padma has been eating at me all week. I know I have to confront Mandy, I'm just afraid. Afraid of what could go horribly in the wrong direction. . . and I'm not so good at finding my way back to where I thought I was headed. I saw Luna the other day and . . . and we talked things through. She told me for her sanity's sake, we'll remain friends; no more. However, these sort of things are easier said than done. . .

I finally let Shannon up here and she nearly suffocated me with her coddling. She practically dragged my arse out of the room to go see Pomphrey. *smiles* But being a foot taller than she, I got my way and we didn't get past the threshold. She called me something her mother would find interesting for a young lady to say and then stormed off.

Well, I'm growing sore sitting up like this so I'm getting back under the covers. Leave me a comment and I'll respond. I promise. Unless you're Shannon. . .
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