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x Blueman Mike x: *helping Terry up to the tower* Boot, you're a bloody idiot. You should get down to the hos.
Mandy 4 Terry: *runs over to the door* Terry?
Ur FaveRaven: No... I-I told Mandy... *looks up suddenly* Mandy! *leans heavily on Mike as they come into the common room*
Mandy 4 Terry: Oh my God, Terry are you okay? *lightly touches his cheek*
x Blueman Mike x: *holds Terry up awkwardly* Jesus, just make out already so I can get him back downstairs.
Ur FaveRaven: *ignores Mike* Mandy... I-I'm okay... see. *tries to smile at her* I-I came up to show you. An-and to make sure you were alright.
Mandy 4 Terry: We need to get you to the Hospital Wing *puts an arm around him, pulling his arm over his shoulder*
Ur FaveRaven: *hisses in pain* Ahh, ahh... d-don't....
Mandy 4 Terry: Sorry, but we need to get you down there
x Blueman Mike x: He dislocated his fucking shoulder there, Barbie. Watch out.
Mandy 4 Terry: *glares at Mike* What did you call me?
x Blueman Mike x: *looks at her and shrugs*
Ur FaveRaven: Stop... stop you two..... just.... I'll go down.
Mandy 4 Terry: *starts to walk slowly out of the common room* Come on now
Ur FaveRaven: *follows her slowly, holding his arm to his side* *walks crookedly towards the portrait hole*
x Blueman Mike x: *jogs up to Terry and grabs him* Doll, you'll need to hold him. He's dizzy, can't walk a bloody straight line.
Mandy 4 Terry: I was holding him until you told me that he had a dislocated shoulder. Maybe we should try Mobilicorpus
x Blueman Mike x: *holds up a hand* Whatever you want. I'm just letting you know alright? Jesus, you can still hold onto him without hurting his arm. *smirks* I'm sure there are a few places he wouldn't mind being touched.
Ur FaveRaven: *looks at Mike, disoriented* Shut up... C-corner... *wobbles*
Mandy 4 Terry: he needs to lie down first
x Blueman Mike x: Where? Up here? Just tell me where you want him, I have to get back downstairs.
Mandy 4 Terry: Just lay him down on the floor
Ur FaveRaven: *moves towards her* Wh-what? I just wanted to see you....
Mandy 4 Terry: Lie down Terry, I'm taking you to the Hospital Wing
x Blueman Mike x: *walks over to Terry* Let's go Toto. Sit. Lie down. *helps him get down to the floor*
Ur FaveRaven: *looks up at Mandy from the ground* Huh?
Mandy 4 Terry: *holds her wand out, pointing it at Terry* I hope this works. Mobilicorpus *watches as Terry starts to float* Cool
x Blueman Mike x: *snorts* there's one way to train him.
Mandy 4 Terry: *glares at him before moving her wand slowly moving Terry*
x Blueman Mike x:Fine, I'm out of here if you've got him. *smirks at her as he moves past her to the door* Maybe I'll see you down there, Dorothy.
Mandy 4 Terry: Dorothy?
x Blueman Mike x: *climbs out through the portrait hole, yelling back* Dorothy, Dot, whatever her goddamn name is. Oz, woman.
Ur FaveRaven: *groans* S-sorry. Just ignore him.
Mandy 4 Terry: *shakes her head before moving Terry towards the Portrait hole* You alright now there?
Ur FaveRaven: *nods* A-as long as I don't have to walk down all of those steps I just trudged up.
Mandy 4 Terry: You don't, I'm the one that's doing the walking *moves out of the portrait hole*
Ur FaveRaven: Just be careful.... downstairs. Th-the stairs and hallways are a bit damaged.
Mandy 4 Terry: I will be
Ur FaveRaven: *watches her, groggy* I told you I'd be back.
Mandy 4 Terry: I know love
Ur FaveRaven: And-and that I'd be careful. I'm barely scratched.....
Mandy 4 Terry: Barely scratched? What do you call a dislocated shoulder?
Ur FaveRaven: *tries to lift his head* Huh? A uh... minor setback. *drops his head back, getting dizzy*
Mandy 4 Terry: Are you okay? Terry, stay awake. *walks faster towards the hos*
Ur FaveRaven: *closes his eyes* Hmm? *mumbles* Fine....
Mandy 4 Terry: Terry, open your eyes, talk to me
Ur FaveRaven: *opens his eyes slightly and looks up at her* *grins crookedly* H-hey....
Mandy 4 Terry: *smiles at him* Tell me what's going to happen when I come back from America
Ur FaveRaven: Come back? You uh... well I'll.... *goofy* hey Mandy....
Mandy 4 Terry: come on Terry, snap out of it. Tell me about our wedding
Ur FaveRaven: *grins* Will you marry me?
Mandy 4 Terry: You know I will
Ur FaveRaven: Heh. Great. Cause... because I like you.
Mandy4Terry: I like you too Terry, keep talking to me, we're almost there
Ur FaveRaven: *looks up at the ceiling* Th-this is weird. Floating and stuff....
Mandy4Terry: is it?
Ur FaveRaven: Are you gonna stay with me? I-in the hos? I wanted to see you...
Mandy 4 Terry: Yeah, I'm gonna stay with you
Ur FaveRaven: *looks back up at her* O-okay... yeah, good.
Mandy 4 Terry: *smiles* Almost there
Ur FaveRaven: *grins* I like ....wh-when you smile.
Mandy 4 Terry: You make me smile
Ur FaveRaven: *grins wider* *starts to close his eyes again*
Mandy 4 Terry: No, Terry, stay with me. *opens the door to the Hos, leading him through*
Ur FaveRaven: *mumbles* Notgoinganywhere.....
Mandy 4 Terry: Open your eyes then Love
Ur FaveRaven: Hmm? *opens his eyes a little*
Mandy 4 Terry: I want to see your eyes
Ur FaveRaven: *looks up at her tiredly* Wh-what's that? We there yet?
Mandy 4 Terry: We're here, don't go to sleep Love
Ur FaveRaven: *nods slightly* *doesn't notice the chaos around them*
Mandy 4 Terry: *leads him to a bed, setting him down gently* Finite Incantatum
Ur FaveRaven: *rolls his head to the side and moans*
Mandy 4 Terry: *calls Madam Pomfrey over* Terry, stay awake, if you go asleep I wont marry you
Ur FaveRaven: *turns his head back to her* Huh? No... o-okay.... I'm awake. *tries to sit up and leans on his bad arm* Ow! *groans* Merlin....
Mandy 4 Terry: *watches as Pomfrey comes over* I think he has a concussion, and according to Mr Corner, a dislocated shoulder.
Ur FaveRaven: *lays back down heavily as Pompfrey looks him over* I-I'm fine..... just dizzy....
Mandy 4 Terry: You are not fine
Ur FaveRaven: *smiles up at Mandy as Pomfrey tends to his arm* I-I've been worse.
Mandy 4 Terry: I'm sure you have
Ur FaveRaven: *takes some potion Pomfrey hands him* *makes a sour face*
Mandy 4 Terry: just drink it Terry
Ur FaveRaven: *finishes it reluctantly and coughs as he hands it back* Wh-what's gonna hurt? *looks up as Pomfrey aims her wand at his shoulder* Oh... n-no wai- *cringes as she sets his shoulder back* *digs his fingers into the bedsheets*
Mandy 4 Terry: *Holds his hand* It wont hurt as bad now
Ur FaveRaven: *looks up at her, breathing heavy from the pain* I-it didn't hurt as bad as that did.
Mandy 4 Terry: it would have done
Ur FaveRaven: *frowns, holding Mandy's hand tighter as Pomfrey orders him to stay put and walks off to tend to another patient*
Mandy 4 Terry: *sighs* Terry, you're going to break my hand
Ur FaveRaven: *releases his grasp* Then sit down with me? N-now I'm stuck here for god knows how long.
Mandy 4 Terry: *grabs a chair and sits next to him* Where do you hurt?
Ur FaveRaven: *looks up at her pathetically* Only my arm... m-my shoulder. I'm fine. Just maybe a little dizzy is all.
Mandy 4 Terry: *cunjures a bag of ice, putting it on his shoulder* better?
Ur FaveRaven: *pouts* M-maybe if you sat closer.
Mandy 4 Terry: *moves the seat closer* like this?
Ur FaveRaven: M-maybe closer still.
Mandy 4 Terry: *moves the seat right up to the edge of the bed* I can't get anycloser
Ur FaveRaven: *leans over and kisses her*
Mandy 4 Terry: *smiles, kissing him back*
Ur FaveRaven: *smiles against her mouth* You'll make a right good nurse one day.
Mandy4Terry: i hope so
Ur FaveRaven: I'm glad y-you stayed and didn't get hurt. I don't know what I'd have done. *kisses her again* Thank you.
Mandy4Terry: Some one had to look after the firsties
Ur FaveRaven: *smiles and takes her hand* Bet they were harder to control than the Death Eaters.
Mandy 4 Terry: probably
Ur FaveRaven: *frowns* I want to go back to the tower with you.
Mandy 4 Terry: I'll stay here with you until you can go back
Ur FaveRaven: *sadly* Y-you will?
Mandy 4 Terry: Of course
Ur FaveRaven: I-I... I don't think I'll be long. J-just need the potion to settle.
Mandy 4 Terry: okay love
Ur FaveRaven: S-so... c-can I close my eyes now? Just for a minute?
Mandy4Terry: no
Ur FaveRaven: *frowns* But Pomfrey saw me.
Mandy4Terry: I don't want you to fall into a coma
Ur FaveRaven: *furrows brow* Yeah... alright. I suppose you'll be helping her out down here huh?
Mandy 4 Terry: Yeah, if they want me
Ur FaveRaven: *looks around* They probably will. Means less Terry time I guess.
Mandy 4 Terry: I'm sorry, but it's good work experience
Ur FaveRaven: *looks at her* And well I mean look at everyone. This doesn't look good. I-I didn't realize how many people were down here.
Mandy 4 Terry: Yeah *looks around*
Ur FaveRaven: *tries to sit up* D-did you see Tony around? He wasn't up in the tower was he?
Mandy 4 Terry: *pushes him back onto the bed* Stay still...he didn't come back up...I'm sure he's around somewhere...
Ur FaveRaven: *looks up at her, worried* But I didn't see him afterwards. Wh-what if he's hurt somewhere? He-he's crazy sometimes when he's mad.
Mandy 4 Terry: *smiles, brushing a curl out of his face* I'm sure he's fine, Terry. Tony can take care of himself.
Ur FaveRaven: Well... *tries to look around the room some more* ... I-I mean Potter's not okay. He's the best fighter in the school.
Mandy 4 Terry: Terry, relax, you're going to worry yourself sick...
Ur FaveRaven: *looks up at her and puts his hand over hers* Just see if he's here, huh? I-I promise I won't sleep... try to... not close my eyes I mean.
Mandy 4 Terry: *nods* Alright. But if your eyes are closed when I get back, you're in big trouble...*kisses his forehead before standing, going to look for Tony*
Ur FaveRaven: *calls after her* I-I promise.
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