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December 21 1998

LunaLovegood52: *sits beside Terry, slowly swirling her drink, looking around silently*
Ur FaveRaven: *scowls, clutching his umpteenth beer* *calls back, blurring his words* I-if I hear y-you call it that o-one more time, Tone.... I-I'll kick your arse. *wobbles slightly*
xBlueman Mikex: *snickers, smiling at Luna*
LunaLovegood52: *smiles back slightly before looking away, taking a sip of her beer*
RavenclawGoldpf: What title would you prefer, mate? The "Get me drunk
so I can forget I'm fighting with my girlfriend", party?
xLilac Lassx: *walks into the kitchen and smacks his arm* *quietly* Be nice.
RavenclawGoldpf: Sorry, love...*kisses her softly* I should call my mum...see if Sarah went down alright...I'll be right back...*kisses her neck before slipping into his room*
Ur FaveRaven: *growls, getting up unsteadily* Fuck this. *spills some of his beer on Mike's leg which is up on the table*
xBlueman Mikex: *pulls his leg back* Woah mate. Watch out there.
Ur FaveRaven: Sod off, Corner. G-get your goddamn feet off ... th-the furniture.... *stumbles past him towards his room*
Luna Lovegood 52: *frowns, watching him go off*
xBlueman Mikex: *makes a face watching him go* Toasted fucker. *turns back and looks at Luna, sitting there uncomfortably* *takes a drink* What's the problem, Love? Not your crowd?
Luna Lovegood 52: *looks at Mike* Hmm? I'm just...I don't party a lot...actually, I think I might just go....it's getting late...
xBlueman Mikex: Go? *smirks* It's just getting interesting. Didn't you hear?
Luna Lovegood 52: *looks at him curiously, tilting her head slightly* Hear? About what?
xBlueman Mikex: *takes a drink smugly* The owl.
Luna Lovegood 52: Actually, I hadn't heard...care to fill me in?
xBlueman Mikex: The owl. Tonight. *glances up at Susan talking to Nick* Jesus, doesn't he ever let up? *scowls*
Luna Lovegood 52: I got that it was an owl...what's going on, Mike? Who did he get an owl from?
xBlueman Mikex: *glares at Nick* Maybe I should go explain things again... *digs his fingers into the arm of the chair*
Luna Lovegood 52: Mike! *scoots closer to him, putting a hand on his* What the hell is going on with Ter?
xBlueman Mikex: *huffs and looks at her* What? *takes another drink angrily*
Luna Lovegood 52: *flicks him in the forehead* Terry, Mike. What's going on with Terry?
xBlueman Mikex: *moves his hand to his head* Ow! Jesus, I just got sidetracked. *rubs his forehead lightly then lowers his hand* It's over. Mandy and him. *smirks, shaking his head* Didn't take long.
Luna Lovegood 52: *eyes widen, looking at Terry's door* What? No wonder...oh, poor Terry...
xBlueman Mikex: *glances back at Nick talking to a different girl* *turns back to Luna and lifts an eyebrow* Poor Terry? Maybe you should go cheer him up.
Luna Lovegood 52: Cheer him up? No, I doubt he wants me cheering him up. I'll write...tell him I'm sorry about what happened or something....
xBlueman Mikex: *scoffs taking another drink* Write? That'll get him off.
Luna Lovegood 52: *shoots him a look* I'm not looking to get him off. It's not easy to get through something like this. Perhaps you could be a little more caring, Mike.
xBlueman Mikex: *makes a face* He's drunk. I'll hold him later. *eyes her a moment* Drink up. That thing's probably room temperture by now.
Luna Lovegood 52: *raises an eyebrow* Trying to get me drunk again, Mike?
xBlueman Mikex: *smirks and raises his beer to her* Not on my behalf. Come on, don't waste good alcohol.
Luna Lovegood 52: *sighs, grabbing up her beer* Fine. *clinks her plastic cup with his bottle, before chugging down the rest of her beer*
xBlueman Mikex: *smiles, finishing his own* Shot?
LunaLovegood52: Why are you trying to get me drunk, Mike?
xBlueman Mikex: I'm not. Just trying to get you to loosen up. Y-you're worse than Boot on exam day. *gets up* Stay here.
LunaLovegood52: *sighs, sitting back, staring into her empty cup*
xBlueman Mikex: *comes back a moment later with two shots* *holds one out to her* One shot and I'll leave you alone to frown about.
LunaLovegood52: Fine...*takes the shot he holds out to her* What are we drinking to?
xBlueman Mikex: *holds his to hers* Change.
Luna Lovegood 52: *watches him for a moment* To change...*downs the shot quickly* *makes a face as it goes down* Damn, what is that?
xBlueman Mikex: *lowers his after taking it, grinning* Jager.
Luna Lovegood 52: It's disgusting...*hands him back the shot glass*
xBlueman Mikex: It's not. You'll build up a taste for it. *takes her glass and puts them both on the table* *hands on hips* So, ready?
Luna Lovegood 52: Ready? Ready for what?
xBlueman Mikex: *grabs her arm and pulls her* To check on him.
Luna Lovegood 52: *stands, stumbling slightly, wide eyed* Check on him? Who?
xBlueman Mikex: *smirks and leads her to Terry's room* On who? You're funny, Love.
Luna Lovegood 52: *tries to pull her arm out of his grip* Mike, no, I can't...
xBlueman Mikex: Well I'm not gonna. And Tony doesn't give two shits at this point. *stops at his closed door and grins at her*
Luna Lovegood 52: Maybe Lav could talk to him, she's good at stuff like this...please, Mike...
xBlueman Mikex: Terry won't feel comfortable telling her everything. And Shannon's pissed at him, so there's really just you, doll.
Luna Lovegood 52: Well...well, like I said, I'll write to him, alright? *tries to move past him away from Terry's door*
xBlueman Mikex: *smiles and grabs her arm, pulling her back* We're already here... no need to waste ink. *turns the knob on Terry's door and pushes her in* *pulls it closed behind her and holds it shut*
Luna Lovegood 52: *stumbles in, wide eyed* *looks at Terry on the bed, flushing a deep red* I...uh...sorry...*turns, pulling on the door fruitlessly*
Ur FaveRaven: *looks up, groggily, narrowing his eyes in the low light* *grumbles* Wh-what?
Luna Lovegood 52: *puts her forehead against the door, groaning softly* *sighs, turning around* Mike's idea of a joke....
Ur FaveRaven: *lowers his head again, staring down at his beer, as he sits on the side of his bed* I'm not in the mood.
Luna Lovegood 52: *watches him sadly* No, I'd imagine not...
Ur FaveRaven: *finishes his beer in silence* *after a moment, throws the bottle against the wall angrily*
Luna Lovegood 52: *doesn't flinch, still watching him* *quietly after a few silent moments* I heard...about what happened. I'm sorry.
Ur FaveRaven: *scoffs* *sways slightly* An-anyone tha... that hasn't?
Luna Lovegood 52: I don't know...I didn't know...*cautiously steps toward him* I am sorry.
Ur FaveRaven: Whatever. *turns to look at an unopened package on his bedside table* W-want a ring?
Luna Lovegood 52: *smiles slightly, moving around to stand in front of him* No thank you...I do appreciate the offer.
Ur FaveRaven: *looks towards her then drops his head* *rests his elbows on his knees* Tonight's a mistake... s-sorry you came all this way... *falls forward slighty, catching himself*
Luna Lovegood 52: *kneels in front of him* No, Terry, it's fine...are you okay? Maybe you should lay back...
Ur FaveRaven: *nods, swaying still*
Luna Lovegood 52: *smiles slightly, trying to peek at his downturned face, reaching up to gently push his curls back* Hey...it's going to be okay...
Ur FaveRaven: N-not today...
Luna Lovegood 52: No, not today. And probably not tomorrow. But it will be okay. *gently cups his face* I promise.
Ur FaveRaven: *tries to focus on her a moment then pulls his face from her as his eyes redden* *barely audible* I loved her...
Luna Lovegood 52: *drops her hand into her lap, watching him* You still love her, Terry, you always will...
Ur FaveRaven: *shakes his head, trying to sniffle subtley*
Luna Lovegood 52: *quietly* And it's perfectly fine to cry, Terry...
Ur FaveRaven: *stares down at her knees, eyes blurring as they moisten*
Luna Lovegood 52: *bites her lip, frowning slightly* *leans up to kiss him softly on the forehead* Just get it all out, Ter, you'll feel better...
Ur FaveRaven: *furrows brow, angry at himself* *shakes his head, pulling away from her, sitting up* N-no...
Luna Lovegood 52: *sits back on her calves, sighing* I'm sorry. I'd leave if I could.
Ur FaveRaven: *gets up suddenly, grabbing onto the bed to catch himself* *stumbles towards his dresser and pulls at the top drawer, struggling to open it*
Luna Lovegood 52: *stands, walking over to him* Terry, what's wrong? *helps him slide open the drawer* What are you looking for?
Ur FaveRaven: *combs through a mess of papers and other items, knocking some stuff to the floor* *pulls out a crumpled piece of parchment and shoves it at her a little too roughly* Wh-who is this?
Luna Lovegood 52: Who? *looks down at the letter, scanning it over quickly, furrowing her brow* *turns it over to see if anything is on the back then reads it over more slowly again* I don't know...he's from America....I suppose he's telling the truth...I can't believe Mandy would...*looks up at him* Did you ask her? About him?
Ur FaveRaven: Th-there were more. *sways, holding her eyes* A-at school and... and everything.
LunaLovegood52: From this Greg guy? *looks down at the letter again* He says he didn't pursue after he knew she was involved...I suppose she must have told him. So that's a good sign. Maybe he's trying to get back at her for turning him down...
Ur FaveRaven: *bats the letter from her hands* No. *stumbles back towards his bed* Th-there was stuff... a-about them. Him. She's lying to me. All of it... allthistime... *crawls up on his bed*
LunaLovegood52: Alright...well, why don't you sleep? You'll feel better in the morning...you'll be able to think more clearly...
Ur FaveRaven1: I-I don't even want to wake up. B-be happy to just... j-just live in a drunken...blur... for the rest of my life.... *rolls onto his back in the middle of the bed and throws an arm over his eyes*
Luna Lovegood 52: Oh, Terry...*walks over, sitting beside him on the bed* That's no way to think. You've still got loads to live for...
Ur FaveRaven1: *rolls his head away and moans* There's nothing...
Luna Lovegood 52: Hush with that. You've got your mum and sister, you've got a flat full of friends that care about you out there...And we all know that you're so much more than some girl that doesn't deserve you. You're strong, Terry, and you'll make it even though it won't be easy.
Ur FaveRaven1: *slurs* Iwannabeer....
Luna Lovegood 52: No, Terry, I think you've had quite enough to drink...
Ur FaveRaven1: *frowns* Wh-what do you know? I told you I don't care anymore.
Luna Lovegood 52: I care. You're not having any more to drink.
Ur FaveRaven1: Th-then go. Don't m-m.... mother me.
Luna Lovegood 52: Well, someone'll need to, Terry. You couldn't even make it to the bathroom if you were going to be sick. She's not worth all this, Terry, you deserve so much more.
Ur FaveRaven1: *growls and rolls over, grabbing a pillow* Th-that's all you
say.... allyoueversay.... *covers his head with it and presses his face into the bed*
Luna Lovegood 52: Maybe because it's true, Terry, did you ever think of that?
Ur FaveRaven1: *presses the pillow to his ears to drown out her voice* *muffled, rocking slightly* I loved her.... Ilovedher....
Luna Lovegood 52: *frowns* I know, Terry...*lightly touches his back* I'm not telling you to get over it, because you can't...not yet...but there's more to live for...
Ur FaveRaven1: *tears soak the bedspread under the pillow* Fuck her.... hecanhaveher... *sniffs loudly*
Luna Lovegood 52: *rubs his back gently* I'm sorry...you'll make it, Terry, I promise...
Ur FaveRaven1: *cries into the bed, cursing every so often*
Luna Lovegood 52: *frowns, continuing to rub his back lightly* It's okay...it's alright to cry...
Ur FaveRaven1: *rolls to his side, facing away from her* *rubs hard at his eyes* Stupid....
Luna Lovegood 52: You're not. I've done worse...we're all stupid when we follow our hearts. But it's not your fault...
Ur FaveRaven1: *scowls, staring at the wall, tears still falling*
Luna Lovegood 52: *quietly* You don't want to hear any of this, I know...*bites lip, laying down facing his back, rubbing it gently again* But it's all true...
Ur FaveRaven1: *face scrunches up as he starts to cry again* *shakes his head* Everything hurts.... why.... whydshego... to America....?
Luna Lovegood 52: Because she had no idea how lucky she was...she's the idiot...
Ur FaveRaven1: *shakes his head harder, slurring* Imadehergo.... I told her... myfault....
Luna Lovegood 52: No, she wanted to go in the first place. If she loved you she wouldn't have considered it at all...
Ur FaveRaven1: *sniffs loudly, wiping his face in the pillow* I told her I wasn't ready... Iwastooyoung... *closes his eyes, his head lolling slighlty*
Luna Lovegood 52: It wouldn't have made a difference, Terry. And you are too young...you were right. If you don't feel ready, you shouldn't go into something you're not ready for...
Ur FaveRaven1: *head falls slowly to his chest as his head spins*
Luna Lovegood 52: *rubs up to his shoulders* You'll be okay...you'll be fine...
Ur FaveRaven1: *jerks his head back up* Huh? *sways* Wh-why do you care, L-lu... youknewshe'd... doit... youhatedher...
Luna Lovegood 52: I care about you, Terry. I always will. That's what friends are for...to be there when you fall. Even if you saw the fall coming from a mile away...
Ur FaveRaven1: *stares at the bed a moment then rolls slowly to his back, turning his head lethargically towards her* *tries to focus on her, his eyelids heavy*
Luna Lovegood 52: *smiles slightly, pulling back her hands* Go on and sleep, Ter...you'll feel better...
Ur FaveRaven1: *watches her a moment then rolls on his side, awkwardly close to her*
Luna Lovegood 52: *swallows, trying to scoot back a little* Hi...sleep on your side?
Ur FaveRaven1: *gazes down at her, blinking tiredly* *softer* Wh... wh-whyareyouhere....?
Luna Lovegood 52: *searches his face* Trying to help...if I can...
Ur FaveRaven1: *lowers his face closer, his nose brushing lightly down hers* ...I'mfine....
Luna Lovegood 52: *sucks in a breath, looking up into his eyes* *breathes* Terry...*blinks* Terry, you're drunk...
Ur FaveRaven1: *looks lazily in her eyes for a brief moment before resting his forehead to hers* *nudges her face up slightly with his nose, lifting her mouth closer* *breathes against her lips* ...sohelpmethen... *glances in her eyes again*
Luna Lovegood 52: *eyes widen, breathing shallowly* I...I can't...oh, God, I can't....
Ur FaveRaven1: *closes his eyes, parting his lips to press them against hers* *closes them, pulling her mouth closed against his in a kiss*
Luna Lovegood 52: *closes her eyes, leaning slightly into the kiss, putting her hand against his chest*
Ur FaveRaven1: *parts his mouth again, lifting his chin slightly to kiss her again*
Luna Lovegood 52: *leans more against him, kissing him back, sliding hand up to his neck*
Ur FaveRaven1: *puts his hand on her waist, kissing her more purposefully* *grips her side*
Luna Lovegood 52: *moans softly, kissing him back, deepening the kiss, hand on the back of his neck, holding him close*
Ur FaveRaven1: *breathes out heavy into her mouth, moving even closer over her* *moves his tongue deep into her mouth, pressing against her*
Luna Lovegood 52: *pulls back suddenly, gasping for breath* Terry...God, Terry, we can't...
Ur FaveRaven1: *leans towards her, kissing her again* *slides his hand up
her side*
Luna Lovegood 52: *whimpers softly, kissing him back again* *between kisses* Terry...*kiss* you're drunk *kiss* we can't *kiss*
Ur FaveRaven1: *opens her mouth wide with his, silencing her in a deep, wet kiss* *moves his hand up her arm and slides it down over her breast, pressing it up against his chest*
Luna Lovegood 52: *moans into his mouth, running her hand up into his hair, arching against him*
Ur FaveRaven1: *kisses down to her jaw then moves to her neck, nipping and sucking vigorously* *nudges her chin up with his nose and breathes heavy against her skin, moving down to her collarbone*
Luna Lovegood 52: *pants, looking up at the headboard, digging her fingers into his scalp* God, Ter...*closes her eyes, moaning softly* God we shouldn't...
Ur FaveRaven1: *moves his hand down to her pants as he kisses her chest, struggling to unfasten them*
Luna Lovegood 52: *eyes widen, putting her hand on his* Terry...Terry, wait, stop...
Ur FaveRaven1: *pulls his hand from hers and lifts himself to pull his shirt from his head* *moves back over her as she rolls to her back to scoot from him slightly*
Luna Lovegood 52: *gulps, looking down his chest before looking up at him, panting* Terry, come on...we can't do anything...
Ur FaveRaven1: *crawls up her body* ...whynot....? *leans into her neck again, pressing himself between her legs*
Luna Lovegood 52: *moans, involutarily pressing back at him* Oh God, because you're drunk, and I'm buzzed, and we're both going to regret it in the morning...because you're not thinking about it being me right now...
Ur FaveRaven1: *presses his eyes closed trying to unfog his head* I-it's....no... she's not here. *moves his face to hers, letting his nose rest alongside hers* It doesn't matter...
Luna Lovegood 52: *quietly, putting her hand on his chest again* It matters to me, Terry...I want you, but not like this...
Ur FaveRaven1: *moves her hand away* Stop.... * lets himself down on her and rocks against her thigh* *kisses her neck*
Luna Lovegood 52: Terry...*closes her eyes, biting her lip to hold back a moan* *to herself* This isn't happening...*opens her eyes again, looking up at the ceiling, panting*
Ur FaveRaven1: *mumbles against her neck, clawing to untuck her shirt from her pants* *slides a hand up under it finally* ....comeon....
Luna Lovegood 52: *gasps, feeling his hand on her stomach* Terry, you don't want to...you're not going to remember...*moans as he squeezes her breast through her bra* oh God...
Ur FaveRaven1: *pants in her ear* I thought... *sucks under her jaw* you wanted me....
Luna Lovegood 52: *whimpers* I do...but not...not this way...
Ur FaveRaven1: *reaches between them, fumbling at his pants* Fuck Logan yet? *bites at her jaw* That the problem....?
Luna Lovegood 52: *gasps* *brings hands up, pushing against his chest, trembling* Stop, Terry...
Ur FaveRaven1: *tries to pull her hand away* Stopit.... *furrows brow, looking down at her groggily* *leans in to her as she turns her face from him* Y-you want me to.
Luna Lovegood 52: *pushes harder* *firmly* Not like this, I don't Terry.
Ur FaveRaven1: *falls off to her side as she presses him off her and he wobbles*
Luna Lovegood 52: *sits up quickly as he falls off, panting* Terry, you need to just sleep it off...alright?
Ur FaveRaven1: *rolls on his back, closing his eyes as the room turns around him* ...huh...?
raven odonnell: *swings the door in* Terry, I can't believe you think you can- *cuts off when she sees Luna beside Terry sprawled on his bed, shirtless and pants undone*
Luna Lovegood 52: *looks up sharply* Shannon...I...*looks back at Terry, eyes widening* It's...he's drunk...I...we didn't...*looks back at her, scrambling off the bed, tucking her shirt back in* It's not what it looks like...
raven odonnell: *jaw drops as her brow furrows* What are you doing?! *pushes the door closed behind her* *steps forward* Lovegood, what's wrong with him? What are you two doing?
Luna Lovegood 52: We weren't doing anything! He's just drunk! I was trying to help him feel better...
raven odonnell: *scowls* Better how? He's half naked! *holds up her hands* This is insane....
Luna Lovegood 52: I was just talking to him...we didn't do anything...he's really out of it...
raven odonnell: *surveys Terry* He's passed out. His pants are open and he's passed out. *glares at her* You were just talking? *turns and yanks the door open* I need to leave and so do you. *looks back at her* You better be right behind me.
Luna Lovegood 52: Wait! We can't just leave him like this...*looks around his room, grabbing a blanket off the chair* Here...*puts it over him, smiling slightly down at him* Good night, Ter...*kisses his forehead lightly*
raven odonnell: *growls* Lovegood. Merlin... leave him alone.
Luna Lovegood 52: *rolls eyes, straightening* I didn't want him to get cold. *walks over to the door* It's not my fault anyway, it's Mike's, yell at him, maybe he'll care...*brushes by her, leaving*
raven odonnell: *slams the door shut behind her and goes to find Tony*
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