Terry Boot (got_smarts) wrote,
Terry Boot

July 26, 2000: Thursday morning on the train.

Ur FaveRaven: *leans back against the window, eyes closing as the subway
thunders on to the next stop* *jerks awake to the doors grinding open, letting
underground noise into the cab*
x Blueman Mike x: *presses through the crowd, giving some young kids a dirty
look as they get in his way* Jesus, just move on would you?
Ur FaveRaven: *narrows eyes, recognizing that voice* *shifts in his seat* Oh
x Blueman Mike x: *growls, moving closer to where Terry's sitting, still
unaware of his presence* *feels eyes on him and looks up* *a sinister sneer creeps
across his face* Boot... *makes his way towards him and moves some newspapers
covering the empty seat next to Terry and sits* Never catch you on the seven.
Ur FaveRaven: *scoots over to make room for Mike* I uh.. y-yeah. *rubs his
eyes* I missed work yesterday so I'm in for a double today.
x Blueman Mike x: *surveys his unkempt appearance* Double? At the goddamn
vet? There that many sick furrballs in town? *raises an eyebrow* Or you just
slicing and dicing to keep the puppy population down?
Ur FaveRaven: *frowns a bit* No... n-no I don't know... *makes a random
motion with his hand* Paperwork... files... prescriptions...
x Blueman Mike x: *cuts him off, shaking his head* Got it, got it... there's
always office shit.
Ur FaveRaven: *yawns* So yeah.
x Blueman Mike x: *snorts lightly*
Ur FaveRaven: *cocks an eyebrow at him* Pardon?
x Blueman Mike x: *the corner of his mouth curls up in a smirk* You. With the
yeahs and what not. Mate, I remember you in school. You were all
yes this and eloquent that.
Ur FaveRaven: *furrows his brow and leans forward*
x Blueman Mike x: Hey, don't get all thoughtful about it. *leans back against
the window himself, propping his arm up on the back of Terry's seat* Just an
Ur FaveRaven: *drops his head, wishing more than anything he hadn't stayed up
to watch the midnight movie with Luna after their fifth round in the bedroom*
x Blueman Mike x: *watches him*
Ur FaveRaven: *eyes grow heavy again*
x Blueman Mike x: *claps him on the back, startling him* What's your stop
mate? I'll wake you.
Ur FaveRaven: *lifts his head groggily* Huh? *looks around for the map of
stations on the wall*
x Blueman Mike x: *makes a face* What's your deal, Boot? Just a double,
you'll make it. Stay up all night playing house with Luna or something?
Ur FaveRaven: *looks over at him suddenly, eyes clear*
x Blueman Mike x: *eyes widen slightly*
Ur FaveRaven: *clears his throat and turns from him quickly, motioning
blindly at the map on the wall* Glen Oaks. Th-the stop...
x Blueman Mike x: *sits forward, trying to look at Terry*
Ur FaveRaven: *avoids his stare, overly aware of every muscle in his face
x Blueman Mike x: I certainly said something to wake you.
Ur FaveRaven: *attempts a nonchalant shrug, raising his eyes to count the
stops until Glen Oaks*
x Blueman Mike x: Spill it.
Ur FaveRaven: *picks up a folded paper from the floor* Wh-when'd you become
so talkative Corner? I remember you in school... those silent looks that could
kill. *scans the page, feigning interest*
x Blueman Mike x: *leans closer* Now they let me play with weapons that can
kill. It's much more fun. *pushes the paper out of Terry's face* So?
Ur FaveRaven: *sighs, still averting his eyes* So what, Mike?
x Blueman Mike x: You see Luna getting out of the shower or something?
*smirks slyly* Or hear something from behind closed doors? Tut, tut, Boot, it's not
nice to eavesdrop on intimate moments with the pocket rocket.
Ur FaveRaven: *looks over at him like he's mad* What? Wh-what are you even
talking about?
x Blueman Mike x: The pocket rocket?
Ur FaveRaven: *shakes his head, frustrated and flustered* No... I-I know
what... nevermind.
x Blueman Mike x: *watches him, his amusement turning into intrigue*
Ur FaveRaven: *meets his eyes demandingly* What?
x Blueman Mike x: *after a pause* Luna tired this morning too?
Ur FaveRaven: *turns from him, his face getting warm* I-I don't know. Why
would I know? *glances at the map out of the corner of his eye* Wh-what's your
stop, anyway? King?
x Blueman Mike x: *mouth drops open, half grinning* Are you fucking kidding
Ur FaveRaven: *looks down the full car quickly before hissing back at Mike*
Gods Mike, keep it down.
x Blueman Mike x: *grabs his arm, lowering his voice* Did you and Luna-
Ur FaveRaven: *surveys the crowd around them, bashfully, cutting him off*
Calm down. *pulls his arm from Mike's grasp* Just... alright, alright... give me
some space.
x Blueman Mike x: *ogles him a moment longer before relenting and siting back
in the seat*
Ur FaveRaven: *swallows thickly, not rushing to collect his thoughts, taking
full advantage of Mike's immense curiosity, knowing his hunger for the gossip
will have him sitting and waiting for hours if need be* *finally looks over at
x Blueman Mike x: *raises an eyebrow, jaw slack*
Ur FaveRaven: Yes.
x Blueman Mike x: *moves his head forward slightly, eyes wide, shocked* Yes?
Ur FaveRaven: *nods* *softer, but more final* Yes.
x Blueman Mike x: *suddenly the flustered one* Y-you and Luna? Well...
wh-when? How? Wh-why weren't the proper authorities called? Namely me. This is my
doing. All me.
Ur FaveRaven: *smirks slightly* When did you pick up a stutter, Corner?
x Blueman Mike x: *smacks his arm* Dog.
Ur FaveRaven: *drops his head, hiding a crooked smile*
x Blueman Mike x: Last fucking night? *grins madly* You're a goddamn walking
zombie because you were screwing all night?
Ur FaveRaven: *furrows brow* Well... n-not all night...
x Blueman Mike x: Jesus...
Ur FaveRaven: Don't make a big deal out of it-
x Blueman Mike x: What?! No... no Boot. This is what we've all been waiting
Ur FaveRaven: We? Who's all been waiting... and why?
x Blueman Mike x: Pfft... me, Luna.... Tony... uh, Lavender,
sure... the baby, Samantha- *shakes his head* I mean Sarah...
Ur FaveRaven: *smiles at him* You're full of shit.
x Blueman Mike x: *shrugs* Fine. Me. And maybe Luna. I'm sure the story'll
turn Tony's head though.
Ur FaveRaven: Yeah well... none of that matters. I'm not doing anything for
your benefit, Corner.
x Blueman Mike x: Come on, at least dedicate a sexual position to me or
something. After all I've been through?
Ur FaveRaven: *doors grind open suddenly as the speaker dully announces
Terry's stop and people start to mill about* *looks up* Oh. Gotta run, mate.
*stands, grabbing his bag*
x Blueman Mike x: *jumps up* Wait! You can't go now!
Ur FaveRaven: *starts towards the door, Mike at his heels* *turns to him over
his shoulder* Mike, this is my stop.
x Blueman Mike x: Fuck that...
Ur FaveRaven: *makes a face at him* I'll talk to you later. I-I'm only going
to work, not Zimbabwe.
x Blueman Mike x: *whines slightly* But a double! When you get home you'll
just hop into bed with Lovegood and forget about me. Where's the love?
Ur FaveRaven: *steps off the train, turning back to Mike standing beyond the
doors* *smirks at him* Get to work.
x Blueman Mike x: *yells out at him as the doors close* I made you!
Ur FaveRaven: *laughs and turns to walk to up the steps to the street*
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